Funding new builds or major conversion works was predominantly dealt with by the main high street banks but their lack of appetite over the past decade has allowed the smaller specialist lenders to rapidly grow.

They tend to be more flexible and are happier to structure their lending to accommodate clients needs. We deal with a cross selection of lenders to ensure products cover a wide arena from small builds or conversions up to office blocks, hotels etc.

Development funding is different to standard bridging in that the lender will not complete the loan in one lump sum. The lender will instead release the loan in multiple stages on receipt of the contractors invoice and after the site has been inspected by a Quantity Surveyor.

This staged payment continues until the development is fully complete. The majority of lenders have terms up to 2 years but we also have lenders happy to lend up to 3 and 5 years, although it is advisable to complete the build as fast as possible and switch to a long-term cheaper loan.

Borrowers are expected to be experienced and have some previous development skills or else have a good contractor and project manager in place.

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